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Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

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According to a report published in Science Daily in July 2012, there are now an estimated 5 million IVF and ICSI babies in the world

ICSI or intracytoplasmic sperm injection is an assisted reproductive technology (ART) particularly beneficial in cases of male infertility caused by low sperm production or poor sperm quality.

At Gaudium infertility clinic India we have provided fertility care to thousands of childless couples using a combination of infertility treatments involving ICSI, devising individualistic treatment protocols wherever required to maximize chances of success.

ICSI-IVF, for example, is an effective treatment method in cases where poor sperm availability from the male partner requires careful selection and preparation of healthy sperm to be used for pregnancy. While earlier child-less couples with severe male infertility had to rely on donor sperm, ICSI makes it possible to select and use sperm from the male partner for the purpose of pregnancy. Babies born through ICSI-IVF where the father’s sperm is used are thus genetically linked to both parents as opposed to cases where donor sperm is used.

ICSI is a technique wherein the embryologist injects a mature egg obtained from the female with a single high quality male sperm. This extremely delicate procedure must be carried out in a fully equipped laboratory by an experienced and well-trained embryologist.

After successful fertilization which may take up to two days, the resulting embryo is placed into the female’s uterus with the help of a thin pipe called a catheter.

In most cases your fertility specialist would perform ICSI on multiple eggs in order to obtain more than one healthy embryos. You may choose to opt for embryo freezing to store the surplus good quality embryos for future use.

The actual ICSI procedure is preceded by medical tests and ovulation induction (OI) which is the process of stimulating the ovaries to release multiple eggs at a time. This is achieved with the help of fertility medication prescribed by your doctor. The eggs thus obtained are injected with one sperm each as previously explained and left in the incubator for fertilization.

Once embryo transfer is complete, it is time to let nature take its course and wait for signs of pregnancy to show up. Missing the next menstrual cycle is an indication that pregnancy may have been achieved, which is confirmed using a pregnancy test kit.

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