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Dr. Manika Khanna

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IVF Treatment in Jaipur


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Gaudium IVF Centre

Gaudium IVF is the name of trust success and quality, We deliver happiness worldwide, giving hopes to maturity to childless couples. Gaudium IVF is the world’s leading IVF chain, where we do transparent practice with standard & ethics. The most successful IVF chain of the decade has the data of maximum number of successful cases in IVF and other infertility procedures. With 9 out of every 10 couples, who put their trust in us, actually got real success with Gaudium IVF.

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ivf centre in delhi

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How Stress Hinders..

18 May 2015

Much is written about the possible ill effects of stress on our physical and emotional health. However not many people are aware that chronic stress has been cited as one of the key contributors to the alarming rise in male and female infertility.

Even the most precious assets are taken for granted as long as they come effortlessly to us; their true worth is only realized by those who have to put extra effort to attain them.

Genital Tuberculosis:

18 Apr 2015

With 40% of the population having latent Tuberculosis(when TB bacteria is inactive in body), Genital Tuberculosis, by no means could be considered Infertility uncommon in the country. And so are its effect on fertility and reproduction.

Why you choose Gaudium

best IVF centre in Delhi
  • This is the best day of my life, I am pregnant. I can't believe it, this is something dream come true for me. I am really thankful to Dr. Manika khanna and her entire team that I am going to fulfil my motherhood longings now.

    - Pooja Ahlawat   best IVF centre in Delhi
  • It is true that world's most beautiful gesture is to become a mother. I can not express my feeling in words but thanks to gaudium IVF who has given me a ray of hope and converted that hope in to reality. Today, I am proud mother of twins. My both babies Ayesha and Aarav are really thankful to Dr. Manika Khanna.

    - Ruchi Nautiyal   best IVF centre in Delhi
  • When, I came at Gaudium IVF "i could not believe what Dr. Manika Khanna said" but on 15th day after my IVF procedure when I heard my Beta HCG report findings, become speechless. I was pregnant. It is because of Gaudium IVF hard work and commitment towards their work. Today, I am mother of one healthy baby boy.

    - Neha Sharma   best IVF centre in Delhi
  • God knows whose next to become dear for the motherhood, when it comes to infertility I actually did not know whether I may get my own wonder of joy or not. I'd gone through 3 failed IVF attempts and have left all hopes to become mother. I got to know about
    Dr. Manika Khanna through my neighbour who has already undergone IVF treatment through Gaudium IVF and got success. when I met Dr. Khanna, I got convinced through her counselling and the way she make me understand the whole procedure was very good compared to other ones.
    My treatment went very well, though I got pregnant in second attempt but I got sucess here. I am overwhelmed with this feeling. I am very much thankful to neighbour, krithika and Gaudium IVF.

    - Smriti Gupta   best IVF centre in Delhi
  • Being a resident of Janak Puri for almost 11 years, I have heard a lot about the spirit with which Gaudium has been instituted and has been running as a successful IVF center.
    I sincerely appreciate the core philosophy with which this institution runs that is "bringing the joy of parenthood

    - Neeru sood   best IVF centre in Delhi
  • I personally appreciate the expertize of Dr. Manika Khanna and her staff. They are a wonderful team for IVF treatment. One of my relative who has tried IVF almost everywhere but was not able to bear the child. They have almost hope when they landed at Gaudium, and the way the Gaudium team handled the case it was just wonderful. In fact, they did a miracle in making a successful IVF with my known when every other IVF center has failed.
    My reltiave delivered a baby boy at Gaudium with successful IVF under the guidance of Dr. Manika Khanna and team. Kudos. Keep up the good work

    - - Dr. Riya fernandis   best IVF centre in Delhi
  • I really admire Dr. Manika Khanna and Gaudium IVF, I have referred my close friend to her who had been suffering from infertility from last 8 years and could not conceive it after 4 IVF attempts from different IVF institute. She was actually broken emotionally and financially.
    But, this time I think luck was in her favour, she just delivered twins last week after the treatment from Dr. Manika Khanna. Gaudium IVF has become real blessings for Avya now. May god give them hight of success

    - - Sharad Gupta  best IVF centre in Delhi
  • I can not express the joy the day one of my relative Archana was blessed with a baby girl.Credit to Dr. Manika Khanna for delivering the bundle of joy. Archana was depressed so much so that suicide was the option she thought due to pressure from her in laws & society. She tried whatever was told to her by each & everyone but nothing worked. She in fact tried few IVF specialist as well as someone told they can bring the much needed joy in her life.Even after spending huge money and time, certain IVFs also did not came to her rescue.
    It happened to a blessing in disguise that I met her in a family function. She was depressed but still willing to explore option with me. I refer her to Dr. Manika Khanna of Guadium IVF to try as the last resort. And, She got success in first attempt at Gaudium IVF centre

    - Pankaj Garg  best IVF centre in Delhi